What is organic pest control?

But for the purposes of pest control, organic is defined as “using a means of control that does not use artificial chemicals.

Organic pest control

generally involves natural substances ranging from soaps, salt and vinegar to pyrethrum and lime sulfur. This Natria neem oil spray is ready to use, which means it comes already mixed with water in the bottle, and you don't have to dilute it yourself before spraying. It kills pests that you spray directly with it and stays on plants for up to 14 days to kill other pests that occur.

The spray does not wash off in the rain, as long as it has 24 hours to dry. For best results, apply the spray to each part of your plants every seven to 14 days. If it's a serious pest problem or if your plants have fungi (neem oil also acts as a fungicide), apply it every seven days. Apply early morning or evening (when pollinators are not actively looking for food) to avoid contact with pollinators.

If you checked the product label and noticed that the spray contains only 0.9% neem oil, don't be alarmed. Remember, this product is diluted on purpose. The other 99.1% of its ingredients are water and emulsifying agents to prevent water and oil from separating. Emulsifiers are often used in food, so they are safe for organic gardening.

You'll be impressed how quickly Monterey Garden Bug Spray with Spinosad eradicates pests if used according to the label instructions. For some pests (such as red ants and thrips), this product has eliminated entire infestations in 24 hours with a single application. In addition, spinosad has residual effects for two to four weeks after application. Keep in mind that this product is a concentrate, which means that you will need to mix it with water before spraying it, otherwise you could damage your plants.

Mix ½ tablespoon (0.25 fl oz) garden bug spray per liter of water, 1 scoop (0.5 fl oz) per liter of water, or 4 tbsp (2 fl. oz.) per gallon of water. Shake the mixture well before spraying. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a dust made from the fossils of tiny aquatic creatures.

Some products contain a certain percentage of other minerals or substances, but this Harris product is 100% pure DE. Spinosad is a form of bacteria that naturally kills insects in your garden without risking spreading to other nearby wild animals. Spray directly on plants and watch insect populations decline. Home pest inspection companies can apply it for you and advise you on how to spray spinosad on edible plants to prevent disease.

Natural pest control methods are safer and much less harmful to the environment. Natural pest control methods are organic in nature and no chemicals or additives are used to treat the pest problem. With growing concern for traditional methods of pest control, many gardeners and homeowners want to turn to safer, greener methods to keep insects under control. Most organic farming professionals focus on preparing soils with a high organic content using materials such as fertilizers and amendments that are considered to be of natural origin.

One of the benefits of organic pesticides is that they are not toxic to humans, so yes, it is safe to eat fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed with organic pesticides. As you research organic pest control products, you'll see the phrase “OMRI” everywhere. For household pests, there's a striking example of an organic solution that eliminates one of the most feared pests homeowners can encounter: termites. Pest control companies can strategically apply it for you after a home inspection, depending on which insects are most active in your home.

Of these six critical steps, it is key to decide on a control method (appropriate management technique) to minimize pest disturbance, and will be discussed in detail throughout this column. It can also kill beneficial insects such as bees and ladybugs, so be sure to work with pest control companies before applying diatomaceous earth. In fact, professional pest control companies are using organic methods, such as extreme heat or cold, to control harsh insects such as bed bugs. Made from powdered algae, diatomaceous earth is a dry form of pest control that has been shown to kill dangerous pests such as ticks and flies.

Therefore, it will eliminate pests that you spray directly with it, but it will not stay on the plant to kill other pests. We care about the environment in which you live and pride ourselves on preserving the environment through greener organic pest control. Biological controls employ methods of controlling pests using other organisms, and have very few drawbacks compared to chemicals. Organic pest control methods are still effective long after they have been introduced into the domestic environment, so there is no need to constantly reapply them.

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