Are insecticides safe after they dry?

Most pesticides become inactive once. But that doesn't include all pesticides, and it's important to know the difference. You can minimize the risk of inhalation and exposure by taking a few simple steps. The first is to talk to your pest control company and find out what they are using.

After applying a product inside your home, try to stay out of the home for several hours. This allows the materials to settle and dry. If you are in contact with chemicals, for example, if you apply them yourself, make sure to wear gloves and long sleeves. You may also want to wear a mask to prevent inhalation.

Indoor pest control sprays are sometimes necessary to eliminate pests; a few simple precautions can keep you safe. If you are concerned about indoor insecticides and toxicity, check the label or ask your pest control representative. A qualified pest control specialist knows the safest way to apply insecticides, especially indoors, so call them to do the work for you.

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