Is there such thing as organic pest control?

There's no such thing as natural pest control Unfortunately, there are several pest control companies that are pushing the whole “natural” or “organic” pest control treatment option and it's nothing more than a sneaky sales pitch. Pyrethrum is another commonly advertised natural pesticide alternative. It is the natural form of pyrethrin, which, like boric acid, is deadly to insects, but has very low toxicity to humans and other mammals. Pyrethrum is extracted from chrysanthemum flowers; pyrethrin is created in a laboratory.

Although each product has the same effect on insects and presents the same risks to beneficial insects, pyrethrin is usually more potent and lasts longer. Therefore, using the natural form of the pesticide often involves applying it more often and more generously. However, how much better or healthier a method of pest control is depends on how toxic it is, not whether the source is organic or artificial. One of the benefits of organic pesticides is that they are not toxic to humans, so yes, it is safe to eat fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed with organic pesticides.

Floating row covers can be used to control aphids, tomato worms, cabbage moths and cabbage worms, potato beetles, pumpkin bugs, and other mobile pests. With growing concern for traditional methods of pest control, many gardeners and homeowners want to turn to safer, greener methods to keep insects under control. Therefore, it will eliminate pests that you spray directly with it, but it will not stay on the plant to kill other pests. Organic options are also more selective, so first you need to identify the pest in your lawn and garden and then choose the right type of organic pesticide for that species.

Beneficial nematodes are very effective in controlling soil-dwelling pests, such as rootworms, cutworms, Japanese beetle larvae, and other larvae. However, there are a number of organic pest control methods that can be used without endangering bee populations.

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